ALTIUS satellite




A Belgian space experiment for atmospheric sounding


ALTIUS (Atmospheric Limb Tracker for Investigation of the Upcoming Stratosphere) is a satellite mission proposed by the Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy and currently under development by the European Space Agency. Its main objective is to monitor the distribution and evolution of stratospheric ozone in the Earth's atmosphere. The industrial consortium is led by QinetiQ Space, acting as mission prime. The satellite design is based on the PROBA small satellite bus. The payload, developed by OIP Sensor Systems, is an innovative UV, visible and NIR instrument.

The mission is scheduled for launch in 2025 from the Guiana Space Centre.



    The Atmospheric Limb Tracker for Investigation of the Upcoming Stratosphere.

  • The satellite
    The satellite

    Altius is based on a Proba-P-200 generation satellite.

  • Measuring ozone
    Measuring ozone

    Baseline observation geometries and special modes.

  • Instrument

    The instrument integrates three independent hyperspectral channels.